Satin Decoupage Fabric.

This is not a “rub off” decoupage fabric / paper. These high quality prints come in different sizes and can be used on any painted object as well as on glass, enamels,pottery pots & candles and even walls as a wall paper.

How to apply these prints.
1. Paint your project with the paint of your choice and allow to be completely dry.
2. Apply a coat of water based sealer of your choice.
3. Now apply your Satin decoupage fabric.
4. Rub the bubbles out with your hand.
5. Let is dry completely and apply another coat of water base sealer.

What is Water slide transfers and how can it be used.

The water slide transfer paper can easily to transfer any image or text. The best thing about this is that it is translucent and can be used on almost any smooth surface. I have successfully used the water slide transfers onto wood, bamboo objects, glass or porcelain, metal tins, terra cotta pots, book covers, furniture, jars and even polymer clay and candles.

Water Slide transfers

1. Prepare a bowl of cold tap water.


2. Cut the image with a scissors close to the borders. For full page A4 or A3 cut the white strip away and cut as close as possible to the printed design.


3. Drop each image into the water, and let them sit in the water. While still in the water, check if the top foil, the one with the image on is loose, but don’t  remove from the paper base yet. Hold the transfer between your forefinger and thumb to check if it is loose.

4. For painted projects:  Remove the transfer from the water. Slide and gradually pull off  the paper base of the transfer, leaving the top foil 
with the printed image on your project.

5.Now using a paper towel and remove all the air bubbles and water under the transfers. Hold it down with 1 fingers and work from the middle outwards. It helps if you also wet your finger a bit and then wipe the bubbles out. Let it dry 100% and then seal it
using your choice of sealer.

How to apply a REVERSE water slide transfer

Work quickly as the sealer must not be dry.

1. Apply your sealer to act like the glue on your painted surface.
2. Your image must be cut out. 
3. Turn the image face down on top of the sealer.
4. Rub gently with your hand over it to smooth out any wrinkles and press down firmly
5. Use a kitchen sponge that is wet and wipe over the transfer, you will see that the image is starting to show through the backing paper.
6. Lift one section of the transfer with a small brush and start to move the backing paper off the transfer.
7. Once the whole backing paper has been removed you can take a soft cloth or wet your fingers and smooth out any bubbles and water under the transfer.
8. Wait for the transfer to dry and seal with your choice of sealer.  

Please note: All water slide transfers have a shelf live of +- 1 year and MUST be stored in a cool dry place and not in direct sunlight or a hot place.